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From clearing your goods with a registered Clearing Agent, to transporting it anywhere in the Country with reliable Transporters, Central Dispatch Africa will be with you all the way.

As a digital marketplace solutions provider in the transportation industry in Africa, Central Dispatch Africa's main mission is to bridge the gap between Clearing Agents, Shippers and Transporters. 

We ensure that the products on our platform provide to you, the best and most convenient services available anywhere.

The system is simple and easy to use. If you are importing VEHICLES, EQUIPMENTS, MACHINERIES, or any other type of GOODS, simply logon to the platform and post your consignment  - there are a lot of Clearing Agents who are online and are ready to BID on clearing your consignment, Select the Agent with the BID that best meets your needs, pay the fee requested and wait for your consignment to be cleared and delivered to you - Central Dispatch Africa pays the Clearing Agents when the job is completed.

Load owners post their goods, indicating destination and price, and let the vehicle operators submit bids to offer to move the goods. Transporters simply check for goods listed in Cities or States that they are interested in, bid on the load by sending a request to the load owner, and if they win the bid, the load owner pays the transportation fee. Central Dispatch Africa pays the Transporter once the load is delivered satisfactorily.


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How It Works For Shippers

You post the LOAD(S) you want to ship, where they are going, and what you are willing to pay to have them shipped. TRANSPORTERS submit bids to you to transport your LOAD(S).

     1 POST

Post LOAD(S) on CentralDispatchAfrica. Interested TRANSPORTERS will submit bids.

     2 ACCEPT

Assign TRANSPORTER to your LOAD shipment.


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Take advantage of Central Dispatch Africa's extensive network of professional Clearing Agents and Transport Companies to grow your business and get your customer’s loads moved quickly.

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Propel your business and keep your trucks full with millions of loads posted on Central Dispatch Africa. Our platform help transporters and dispatchers bridge the gap to consumers waiting to have their loads transported.

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